1. (n.) An instrument used by the ancients in writing on tablets covered with wax, having one of its ends sharp, and the other blunt, and somewhat expanded, for the purpose of making erasures by smoothing the wax.

2. (v. t.) Hence, anything resembling the ancient style in shape or use.

3. (n.) A pen; an author's pen.

4. (n.) A sharp-pointed tool used in engraving; a graver.

5. (n.) A kind of blunt-pointed surgical instrument.

6. (n.) A long, slender, bristle like process, as the anal styles of insects.

7. (n.) The pin, or gnomon, of a dial, the shadow of which indicates the hour. See Gnomon.

8. (n.) The elongated part of a pistil between the ovary and the stigma.

9. (v. t.) Mode of expressing thought in language, whether oral or written; especially, such use of language in the expression of thought as exhibits the spirit and faculty of an artist; choice or arrangement of words in discourse; rhetorical expression.

10. (v. t.) Mode of presentation, especially in music or any of the fine arts; a characteristic of peculiar mode of developing in idea or accomplishing a result.

11. (v. t.) Conformity to a recognized standard; manner which is deemed elegant and appropriate, especially in social demeanor; fashion.

12. (v. t.) Mode or phrase by which anything is formally designated; the title; the official designation of any important body; mode of address; as, the style of Majesty.

13. (n.) A mode of reckoning time, with regard to the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

14. (v. t.) To entitle; to term, name, or call; to denominate.

Bauhaus Byzantine Corinthian Dadaism Doric Egyptian English Fauvism French German Gothic Gothicism Greco-Roman Greek Greek Revival Ionic Italian MO Moorish Persian Platonic form Platonic idea Renaissance Roman Romanesque Spanish Tuscan ability abstract expressionism abstractionism academic action action painting actions activity acts address adeptness adroitness aesthetic form affectation affinity air airmanship algorithm androecium angle anther apparel appellation appellative approach archetype area arrange array art form art nouveau artfulness artisanship artistry aspect attack attire background background detail bag baptize baroque bearing bedizenment behavior behavior pattern behavioral norm behavioral science bent bias bilge binomen binomial name blain bleb blister blob blood bon ton boss bow brand bravura breed brilliance bubble build bulb bulge bulla bump bunch burin burl button byword cachet cahot call calyx capability capacity carpel carriage cast category character characteristic characterize chic chine chosen kind christen clan classicalism classicism cleverness cloisonnism clothes clothing clump cognomen color coloring comfort command command of language competence complexion comportment conceive conceptual art conduct condyle configuration conformation constructivism control convention conventionalism convex coordination corolla corolla tube corona cosmopolitanism costume couch couch in terms course craft craftsmanship craze cryptonym cubism culture pattern cunning cup of tea custom cut dash decorative composition decorative style define deftness demeanor denominate denomination deportment description design designate designation detail dexterity dexterousness dextrousness diction die diplomacy do doing doings dowel drapery dress dressing druthers dub duds ear early renaissance earth art effect efficiency eidolon elan elegance elementarism embody in words empty title engraving tool entitle epicalyx epithet eponym etching ball etching ground etching needle etching point euonym exaggeration existentialism expertise express expression of ideas expressionism facet facility fad fancy fashion fashionableness fatigues favor feather feathers feature feeling for words field fig figuration figure finesse flair flange flap foil folkway foreground detail form form of speech format formation formularize formulate forte


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