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1. (a.) Closely examined; read with diligence and attention; made the subject of study; well considered; as, a studied lesson.

2. (a.) Well versed in any branch of learning; qualified by study; learned; as, a man well studied in geometry.

3. (a.) Premeditated; planned; designed; as, a studied insult.

4. (a.) Intent; inclined.

5. (imp. & p. p.) of Study

Gongoresque Gongoristic Marinistic advised affected aforethought aimed aimed at artificial calculated conscious considered contemplated contrived deliberate deliberated designed elaborate elaborated envisaged envisioned euphuistic feigned forced hyperelegant intended intentional knowing labored mannered meant meditated of design overelaborate overelegant overnice overrefined planned precieuse precieux precious premeditated prepense pretentious projected proposed purposed purposeful purposive reasoned studious teleological thought-out thoughtful unnatural voluntary weighed well-thought-out willful willing witting


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