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KP Leyden jar accumulator amateur athlete archer army army group array artillery athlete atomic battery ballplayer baseballer baseman bastinado basting batch battalion batter battle group beating bells belting block blocking back body bones bowman brigade buffeting bunch bundle cadre caning cannon cannonry castanets catcher celesta cell center chime chimes clappers clot clubbing clump cluster coach coast artillery cohort column combat command combat team company competitor corporal punishment corps cowhiding crash cymbal cricketer cudgeling cymbals defensive lineman detachment detail division drubbing dry cell electronic battery end field army field artillery field train file finger cymbals flagellation flailing flak flogging flying column footballer fuel cell fustigation gamelan games-player gamester garrison glockenspiel gong guard handbells heavy field artillery horsewhipping idiophone infielder jock jumper kit kitchen police lacing lashing legion lineman lot lyra maniple maraca marimba metallophone offensive lineman orchestral bells ordnance organization outfield outfielder outfit pack percussion percussion instrument percussions percussive phalanx pistol-whipping platoon player poloist posse professional athlete pugilist quarterback racer rank rattle rattlebones rawhiding regiment scourging section series set siege artillery siege engine sizzler skater snappers solar battery spanking sport sportsman squad squadron storage battery storage cell strapping stripes suit suite swingeing switching tackle tactical unit tailback tam-tam task force thrashing tintinnabula tonitruone toxophilite train trench artillery triangle troop trouncing truncheoning tubular bells unit vibes vibraphone wet cell whipping wing wingback wrestler xylophone


Striped Snake
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