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Adamite Altmann theory DNA De Vries theory Galtonian theory Mendelianism Mendelism RNA Roscius VIP Verworn theory Weismann theory Weismannism Wiesner theory abnormal accent accent mark acclaim actor actress advocacy advocating advocation affection alien allele allelomorph alphabet alphabetic character alphabetize animus antagonist antihero aptitude arbitrary aroma arrowhead assured probity attribute atypical autolithograph bad guy badge banner bar barnstormer bastard bat be a printmaker being bent bias big shot big-timer bigwig binary digit bird birth birthmark bit bit part blamelessness blood body body-build brand breed bring to life bugger cachet cameo cancel capacity capitalize card carve case cast cat catalog cataloging catch a likeness celebrity certificate of character chap character actor character man character reference character sketch character woman characteristic characteristics characterization characterize chart chief child actor chisel chromatid chromatin chromosome cipher clan cleanness clothing color complexion composition condition configuration constituents constitution courage cove crackpot crank crasis crease creature credential cribble crosshatch cue cuneiform customer custos cut decency delineate delineation demotic character denomination depict depiction describe description designation details determinant determinative determiner device dharma diagram diathesis differentia differential digit dignitary direct diseur diseuse disposition distinction distinctive feature dot dramatizer draw duck duty earmark earthling eccentric eccentricity eclat emblem eminence enchase endowment engrave erectness erratic estimableness ethos eugenics evocation evoke expected express expression mark factor fairness fame famousness fanatic fat part feather feature feeder feller fellow fermata fiber figure fitting flake flavor foil footing form frame freak function furrow gene genesiology genetic code genetics genius genre genus give words to glory good character goodness grain grammalogue graph grapheme graphic account grave groove groundling gust guy habit hallmark hand hatch head heavy hereditability heredity heritability heritage hermit hero heroine hieratic symbol hieroglyph hieroglyphic hieroglyphics high ideals high principles high-mindedness hiragana histrio histrion hit off hobo hold homo honesty honor


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