1. (n.) A set of rooms on the same floor or level; a floor, or the space between two floors. Also, a horizontal division of a building's exterior considered architecturally, which need not correspond exactly with the stories within.

2. (n.) A narration or recital of that which has occurred; a description of past events; a history; a statement; a record.

3. (n.) The relation of an incident or minor event; a short narrative; a tale; especially, a fictitious narrative less elaborate than a novel; a short romance.

4. (n.) A euphemism or child's word for a lie; a fib; as, to tell a story.

5. (v. t.) To tell in historical relation; to make the subject of a story; to narrate or describe in story.

Clio Muse of history account action adventures alibi allegation allegory anagnorisis anecdotage anecdote angle annals architectonics architecture argument article assertion atmosphere autobiography back-fence gossip background band beat bed bedding belly laugh belt biographical sketch biography blague blue story book budget of news case history catastrophe characterization chitchat chronicle chronicles chronology clerestory cock-and-bull story color complication confabulation confessions contention continuity contrivance copy couche course curriculum vitae deck denouement description design detective story development device diary dirty joke dirty story dispatch double entendre entresol epic episode epos ethnic joke exaggeration exclusive excuse experiences fable fabliau fabrication facts fairy fairy tale falling action falsehood falsity farfetched story farrago feature fib fiction first floor fish story flam flat flimflam floor folktale fortunes fun funny story gag gallery gest ghost story gimmick good one good story gossip gossiping gossipmongering gossipry ground floor groundless rumor hagiography hagiology half-truth historiography history howler idle talk incident information item jape jest jestbook joke journal laugh layer ledge legal fiction legend level lie life life and letters life story line little white lie local color martyrology measures memoir memoirs memorabilia memorial memorials mendacity mezzanine mezzanine floor mood motif movement mystery myth mythos narration narrative necrology news news item newsmongering obituary overlayer overstory panic parable peripeteia photobiography piece piece of gossip pious fiction plan play plot point prevarication profile recital recognition record recounting release report representation resume rez-de-chaussee rib tickler riot rising action romance saga scenario scheme scoop scream seam secondary plot shelf sick joke sidesplitter sight gag slant slight stretching sport spot news stage statement step stratum street floor structure subject subplot substratum summary superstratum switch tale talebearing taletelling talk tall story tall tale taradiddle tattle testimony thematic development theme theory of history thickness thriller tidings tier tittle-tattle tone topic topsoil trumped-up story twist underlayer understory understratum untruth version visual joke wheeze white lie whodunit wow yarn zone


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