1. (superl.) of or pertaining to stone, consisting of, or abounding in, stone or stones; resembling stone; hard; as, a stony tower; a stony cave; stony ground; a stony crust.

2. (superl.) Converting into stone; petrifying; petrific.

3. (superl.) Inflexible; cruel; unrelenting; pitiless; obdurate; perverse; cold; morally hard; appearing as if petrified; as, a stony heart; a stony gaze.

Philistine adamant adamantine bankrupt beat beggared bony broke busted callous calloused case-hardened cement cemental chilly cold cold-blooded coldhearted concrete corneous corrugated cragged craggy crinkled crumpled crystal crystalline dense destitute diamondlike dure flat flat broke flintlike flinty fortuneless frigid granitelike granitic gravelly gritty hard hard as nails hard-boiled hardened hardhearted harsh heartless horny icy impervious implacable indifferent indigent indurated inflexible insensible insensitive intractable inured iron-hard ironbound ironlike jagged jaggy lapideous lithoid lithoidal marble marblelike merciless monolithic needy obdurate oofless osseous pachydermatous pebbled pebbly penniless pitiless poor porphyritic poverty-stricken proof against ragged resistant resistive rock-ribbed rock-strewn rock-studded rockbound rocklike rocky rugged rugose rugous sandy saw-toothed sawtooth scragged scraggly scraggy serrate serrated shingled shingly snagged snaggled snaggy solid steeled against steellike steely stone-broke stonelike strapped thick-skinned tough trachytic uncompassionate unfeeling unresponsive unsentimental unsympathetic wrinkled


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