1. (n.) Concreted earthy or mineral matter; also, any particular mass of such matter; as, a house built of stone; the boy threw a stone; pebbles are rounded stones.

2. (n.) A precious stone; a gem.

3. (n.) Something made of stone. Specifically: -

4. (n.) The glass of a mirror; a mirror.

5. (n.) A monument to the dead; a gravestone.

6. (n.) A calculous concretion, especially one in the kidneys or bladder; the disease arising from a calculus.

7. (n.) One of the testes; a testicle.

8. (n.) The hard endocarp of drupes; as, the stone of a cherry or peach.

9. (n.) A weight which legally is fourteen pounds, but in practice varies with the article weighed.

10. (n.) Fig.: Symbol of hardness and insensibility; torpidness; insensibility; as, a heart of stone.

11. (n.) A stand or table with a smooth, flat top of stone, commonly marble, on which to arrange the pages of a book, newspaper, etc., before printing; -- called also imposing stone.

12. (n.) To pelt, beat, or kill with stones.

13. (n.) To make like stone; to harden.

14. (n.) To free from stones; also, to remove the seeds of; as, to stone a field; to stone cherries; to stone raisins.

15. (n.) To wall or face with stones; to line or fortify with stones; as, to stone a well; to stone a cellar.

16. (n.) To rub, scour, or sharpen with a stone.

Irish confetti Lydian stone Tarmac Tarvia aa abyssal rock acorn adamant adamantine adobe agate alexandrite amethyst anklet anthraconite aplite aquamarine arch armlet ashlar asphalt aventurine bakestone bangle barrow basalt basanite beads bedrock beetlestone behead berry beryl bijou bird seed bitumen bituminous macadam black sheep blacktop blemish block lava bloodstone blow to pieces blow up board bola bolt bondstone bone boomerang booze up boozify boundary stone bowstring bracelet brain brash brass breastpin breccia brick brickbat bricks and mortar brilliant brimstone bring down brooch brownstone buhr buhrstone burn burn to death bust cairn cairngorm capstone carbuncle carnelian cement cenotaph chain chalcedony chalk chaplet charm chatelaine chrysoberyl chrysolite circle citrine clapboard clinker cobble cobblestone column concrete conglomerate copestone copperplate coral cornerstone coronet countermissile covering materials crag crock cromlech cross crown crucify crystal cup curb curbing curbstone cut down cut to pieces cyclolith deal a deathblow decapitate decollate defenestrate demantoid dendrite diabase diadem diamond disintegrate dolmen dolomite doorstone dripstone drop druid stone duplicate plate eaglestone earring edgestone egg electrocute electrotype emerald emery rock execute face fell ferroconcrete festooned pahoehoe firebrick flag flagging flagstone flaxseed flint flintlike flinty floatstone flooring fob footstone foreign body foreign intruder frag fruit fuddle garnet garrote gem gem stone girasol give the quietus glass glaze gneiss goldstone grain granite granitelike granitic grave gravel gravestone grindstone grit gritrock gritstone guillotine gun down hairstone harlequin opal hayseed headstone heart of oak heliotrope hoarstone hyacinth igneous rock impurity incinerate inflict capital punishment inscription intruder iron ironstone jade jadestone jargoon jasper jewel jugulate kerb kerbstone kernel keystone lapidate lapis lazuli lath lath and plaster lava lay low limestone linseed lithic living rock locked-up page locket lodestone macadam magma mantlerock marble marblelike marker masonry mausoleum megalith memento memorial memorial arch memorial column memorial statue memorial stone menhir metamorphic rock milestone milkstone millstone misfit missile monkey wrench monolith monument moonstone morganite


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