1. (superl.) Not easily bent; not flexible or pliant; not limber or flaccid; rigid; firm; as, stiff wood, paper, joints.

2. (superl.) Not liquid or fluid; thick and tenacious; inspissated; neither soft nor hard; as, the paste is stiff.

3. (superl.) Firm; strong; violent; difficult to oppose; as, a stiff gale or breeze.

4. (superl.) Not easily subdued; unyielding; stubborn; obstinate; pertinacious; as, a stiff adversary.

5. (superl.) Not natural and easy; formal; constrained; affected; starched; as, stiff behavior; a stiff style.

6. (superl.) Harsh; disagreeable; severe; hard to bear.

7. (superl.) Bearing a press of canvas without careening much; as, a stiff vessel; -- opposed to crank.

8. (superl.) Very large, strong, or costly; powerful; as, a stiff charge; a stiff price.

Arab Bowery bum Latinate a bit much abandoned abusive adamant adamantine afflictive alcoholic all thumbs aloof arduous arid artificial ashes austere awkward balker balky horse barren beach bum beachcomber beggar beggarly fellow blah blank blighter blind blind drunk bloodless blotto blue-collar worker blunderheaded blundering bo body bold bombastic bones boorish boundless breadwinner brisk brittle buckram budmash bum bumbling bummer bungling butterfingered cadaver caitiff carcass careless carrion cartilaginous cast-iron casual casual laborer ceremonious challenging characterless cheapskate chewy chilly clay clownish clumsy clumsy-fisted cohesive cold colorless common laborer compact cool coriaceous corpse corpus delicti costly cramped crock crowbait cruel cumbersome cumbrous day laborer dead dead as mutton dead body dead man dead person dear dear-bought decedent dense derelict determined devil difficult dismal distressing dog dogged dogie dour draggy drastic drearisome dreary drifter drunkard dry dry bones dryasdust dull durable dust dusty earth effete egregious elephantine embalmed corpse employee empty energetic enormous etiolated exaggerated excessive excruciating exhausting exorbitant expensive extravagant extreme fabulous factory worker fade fancy fatiguing fibrous fingers all thumbs firm fit for sea flat flinty flunky food for worms forced forceful formal free lance free-lancer fresh full-time worker fumbling fundamentalist gamin gamine garron gauche gawkish gawky gigantic gluttonous goat gone to seed good-for-naught good-for-nothing graceless grim gristly guinde gusty guttersnipe hack had halting ham-fisted ham-handed hand hard hard-core hardened hardy harrowing harsh haughty heavy heavy-handed helpless hidebound high high-priced ho-hum hobo hollow homeless waif howling hulking hulky human wreck hurtful hyperbolic hypertrophied idler immoderate immovable immutable implacable impliable in buckram inane incontinent indomitable industrial worker inelastic inelegant inexcitable inexorable inflexible inkhorn inordinate insipid intemperate intense intransigent iron ironbound ironclad ironhanded irreconcilable jade jejune jobber jobholder jughead labored laborer laboring man laborious landloper lasting late lamented lazzarone leaden leatherlike leathery left-hand left-handed lifeless


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