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1. (n.) A plate forming an exact facsimile of a page of type or of an engraving, used in printing books, etc.; specifically, a plate with type-metal face, used for printing.

2. (n.) The art or process of making such plates, or of executing work by means of them.

3. (v. t.) To prepare for printing in stereotype; to make the stereotype plates of; as, to stereotype the Bible.

4. (v. t.) Fig.: To make firm or permanent; to fix.

assimilate to automatism autotype bad habit balance bed characteristic confirm creature of habit custom damp deep-dye define duplicate plate electrotype embed engraft engrave entrench equalize equilibrize establish etch even fix flatten force of habit found ground habit habit pattern habitude harmonize homogenize impact implant impress imprint infix ingrain inscribe jam keyboard level linotype locked-up page lodge make uniform monotype normalize pack palaeotype pattern peculiarity plant plastic plate plate practice praxis print printing plate printing surface regularize regulate root rubber plate seat second nature set set in settle smooth stabilize stamp standardize stereotyped behavior stone symmetrize trick typeform uniformize usage use way wedge wont zincograph zincotype


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