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1. (n.) An ordinance; a decree; an act of the legislature of a state or country\, declaring, commanding, or prohibiting something; a positive law; the written will of the legislature expressed with all the requisite forms of legislation; -- used in distinction from common law. See Common.

2. (n.) An act of a corporation or of its founder, intended as a permanent rule or law; as, the statutes of a university.

3. (n.) An assemblage of farming servants (held possibly by statute) for the purpose of being hired; -- called also statute fair.

Eighteenth Amendment Prohibition Party Volstead Act act assize ban bill bylaw canon contraband decree decretum denial dictate dictation disallowance edict embargo enactment exclusion forbiddance forbidden fruit forbidding form formality formula formulary index index expurgatorius index librorum prohibitorum inhibition injunction institution interdict interdiction interdictum jus law legislation lex measure no-no ordinance ordonnance precept preclusion prescript prescription prevention prohibition prohibitory injunction proscription refusal regulation rejection repression restrictive covenants rubric rule ruling ruling out standing order sumptuary laws suppression taboo zoning zoning laws


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