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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Start.

2. (a. & n.) from Start.

Bohemian ab ovo abecedarian aboriginal actual advanced alien antenatal antetype antitype archetypal archetype article authentic autochthonous autograph avant-garde basal basic basilar beat beatnik beginning biotype bona fide brainchild breakaway budding callow candid card card-carrying case central character classic example commencement composition computer printout conception conceptive conceptual constituent constitutive copy crackpot crank creative criterion crucial demiurgic derivation deviant dewy different dinkum dissenter document draft dropout duck earliest eccentric edited version elemental elementary embryonic endemic engrossment epitome esemplastic essay essential ever-new evergreen exploratory extra fair copy fanatic far out fecund fertile fetal fiction final draft finished version first first draft firsthand fledgling flimsy flower child following the letter forerunner formative foundational freak free and easy fresh fringy fugleman fugler fundamental generative genesis genetic genotype genuine germinal gestatory good grass roots green gut head held back held in reserve held out heretic heretical hermit heterodox hippie hobo holograph homebred homegrown honest honest-to-God ideational ideative imaginative imitatee immature in abeyance in embryo in hand in its infancy in ovo in the bud inartificial inaugural inception inceptive inchoate inchoative incipient incunabular indigenous individualist infant infantile informal ingenious initial initiative initiatory innovation innovational innovative inspired intact introducer introductory inventive inventor kinky kook lawful lead legitimate letter lifelike literae scriptae literal literary artefact literary production literature lone wolf loner lucubration maiden maidenly manuscript master material matter maverick meshuggenah mint mirror misfit model mother nascent natal native native-born natural naturalistic neoteric nestling new new departure nonconformist nonfiction nonjuror not cricket not done not kosher notional novel nut odd fellow oddball oddity of the essence offbeat opus origin origination originative originator outsider paper paradigm parchment pariah parturient pattern penscript piece piece of writing pilot model pioneer play poem postnatal precedent preceding precursor pregnant preliminary prenatal primal primary prime primeval primitive primogenial primordial printed matter printout pristine


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