1. (n.) Stiff; rigid.

2. (n.) Complete; absolute; full; perfect; entire.

3. (n.) Strong; vigorous; powerful.

4. (n.) Severe; violent; fierce.

5. (n.) Mere; sheer; gross; entire; downright.

6. (adv.) Wholly; entirely; absolutely; quite; as, stark mind.

7. (v. t.) To stiffen.

Spartan absolute absolutely altogether arrant ascetic austere bald bare barren basic blasted bleak blessed blunt candid chaste classical clean clear clearly cold common commonplace complete completely confounded consummate crass decided definitive depressing desolate direct downright drear dreary dry dull egregious elementary empty entirely essential evident flagrant frank fully fundamental glaring grey grim gross hard harsh homely homespun homogeneous indivisible infernal inornate intolerable irreducible irretrievably irrevocably lean matter-of-fact mere monolithic naked natural neat nude obvious obviously of a piece open out-and-out outright patent perfect perfectly plain plain-speaking plain-spoken plainly plumb positive primary profound pronounced proper prosaic prosing prosy pure pure and simple quite rank ravaged raw regular right rustic severe shattering sheer shocking simon-pure simple simple-speaking single sober spare spooky stark-naked stark-staring straightforward stripped superlative surpassing the veriest thorough thoroughgoing total totally unadorned unaffected unbearable unclad unclothed uncluttered unconditional unconscionable undeniable undifferenced undifferentiated unelaborate unembellished unenhanced unequivocal unfancy unfussy uniform unimaginative unmitigated unornate unpoetical unqualified unrelieved unrelievedly unspoiled unvarnished utter utterly vacant vacuous void wholly


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