1. (a.) Stiff; precise; rigid.

2. (n.) A widely diffused vegetable substance found especially in seeds, bulbs, and tubers, and extracted (as from potatoes, corn, rice, etc.) as a white, glistening, granular or powdery substance, without taste or smell, and giving a very peculiar creaking sound when rubbed between the fingers. It is used as a food, in the production of commercial grape sugar, for stiffening linen in laundries, in making paste, etc.

3. (n.) Fig.: A stiff, formal manner; formality.

4. (v. t.) To stiffen with starch.

aggressiveness albumen bang batter bonnyclabber butter carbohydrate clabber cornstarch cream curd dash dough drive egg white enterprise fire gaum gel gelatin get-up-and-go getup ginger glair glop glue gluten go goo gook goop gruel gumbo gunk hydroxy aldehyde hydroxy ketone initiative jam jell jelly kick loblolly molasses monosaccharide mucilage mucus pap paste pep pepper piss and vinegar pizzazz polysaccharide polysaccharose poop porridge pudding pulp punch puree push putty rob saccharide semifluid semiliquid size snap soup spunk sticky mess sugar syrup thrust treacle trisaccharide verve vim vitality zing zip


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