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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Stand.

2. (a.) Remaining erect; not cut down; as, standing corn.

3. (a.) Not flowing; stagnant; as, standing water.

4. (a.) Not transitory; not liable to fade or vanish; lasting; as, a standing color.

5. (a.) Established by law, custom, or the like; settled; continually existing; permanent; not temporary; as, a standing army; legislative bodies have standing rules of proceeding and standing committees.

6. (a.) Not movable; fixed; as, a standing bed (distinguished from a trundle-bed).

7. (n.) The act of stopping, or coming to a stand; the state of being erect upon the feet; stand.

8. (n.) Maintenance of position; duration; duration or existence in the same place or condition; continuance; as, a custom of long standing; an officer of long standing.

9. (n.) Place to stand in; station; stand.

10. (n.) Condition in society; relative position; reputation; rank; as, a man of good standing, or of high standing.

abeyant abidingness age angle antiquity apathetic base bearings cachet candidacy candidature capacity case caste cataleptic catatonic changelessness character circumstance class condition consequence constancy continuance continued continuing continuous conventional customary dead defeat of time defiance of time dignity distance diuturnity dopey dormant dull durability durableness duration echelon eminence endurance erect established estate face firmness fix fixed fixedness flat foothold footing footplate footrail footrest foul frozenness grade groggy ground hardening heavy hierarchy high place hold immobility immovability immovableness immutability in abeyance in suspense inactive inert invariability invariableness inveteracy jam kudos languid languorous lastingness latent leaden level lifeless location locus standi logy long standing long-lastingness long-livedness longevity lot maintenance modality mode motionless normal ongoing order pass passive perch perdurability perennation permanence permanency permanent perpetual perpetualness perpetuity persistence persistency perspective phlegmatic pickle place plight position post posture power structure precedence predicament prestige prominence purchase quiescence rank rate rating regular reputation repute rigidity running running for office seat sedentary set situation slack sleeping sluggish slumbering smoldering solidity sphere spot stability stage stagnant stance stand standard standing for office standing place stasis state static station stationary stature status steadfastness still stratum survival survivance suspended tame toehold torpid torpor unaroused unbroken unchangeability unchangingness unmoving unseated upright usual venue vertical viewpoint


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