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1. (n.) Plural of Stamen.

2. (n. pl.) See Stamen.

3. (n. pl.) The fixed, firm part of a body, which supports it or gives it strength and solidity; as, the bones are the stamina of animal bodies; the ligneous parts of trees are the stamina which constitute their strength.

4. (n. pl.) Whatever constitutes the principal strength or support of anything; power of endurance; backbone; vigor; as, the stamina of a constitution or of life; the stamina of a State.

application assiduity assiduousness backbone balls bottom bulldog tenacity chutzpah cohesiveness concentration constancy courage decisiveness diligence dogged perseverance doggedness durability endurance energy engrossment fidelity force fortitude gameness grit guts gutsiness guttiness hardiness hardness heart heart of oak heartiness indefatigability indomitability industriousness industry infrangibility insistence insistency intestinal fortitude lastingness leatherlikeness loyalty lustihood lustiness mettle mettlesomeness might mightiness moxie nerve obstinacy patience patience of Job permanence perseverance persistence persistency pertinaciousness pertinacity pith plodding pluck pluckiness plugging potency power powerfulness preoccupation relentlessness resistance resolution robustness ropiness ruggedness sand sedulity sedulousness single-mindedness singleness of purpose slogging spirit spunk spunkiness stability stalwartness starch staunchness staying power steadfastness steadiness stick-to-itiveness sticking power stiffness stout heart stoutness strength strength of will stringiness stubbornness sturdiness tenaciousness tenacity tirelessness toleration toughness true grit unbreakability unbreakableness unremittingness unswerving attention vigor vigorousness viscidity vitality


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