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(a.) Valiant; sturdy; vigorous; bold; strong\.

Achilles Antaeus Atlas Briareus Brobdingnagian Charles Atlas Conservative Cyclops David Democrat Goliath Hector Hercules Labourite Maecenas Polyphemus Republican Roland Samson Superman Tarzan Titan Tory Whig a man abettor able-bodied adipose admirer advocate aficionado angel apologist athletic audacious backer beefy big-bellied bloated blowzy bold bold-spirited bosomy bouncing brave brawny buff bulldog bully bullyboy burly buxom champion chivalric chivalrous chubby chunky chutzpanik colossus corpulent courageous daring dauntless decorated hero defender demigod demigoddess dependence determined distended doughty dumpy encourager endorser exponent fan fat fattish favorer fearless fighting cock firm fit fleshy flush forceful forcible forcy friend at court full full-blooded full-strength gallant game gamecock giant good soldier gorilla greathearted gross gutsy gutty hale hale and hearty hard hard as nails hardy healthy hearty heavyset heeler hefty hero heroic heroine herolike hippy husky imposing indefatigable indomitable intrepid iron-hard ironhearted knightlike knightly lion lionhearted lover loyalist lusty mainstay maintainer man of courage manful manly meaty mettlesome mighty muscle man muscular nervy obese obstinate overweight paladin paranymph partisan party faithful party hack party man party member party wheelhorse patron paunchy persevering persistent plucky plump podgy portly potbellied potent powerful powerhouse promoter protagonist pudgy puffy puissant pursy red-blooded redoubtable registered Democrat registered Republican regular relentless reliance resolute robust robustious robustuous roly-poly rotund rude rugged second seconder sectary sider sinewy soldierlike soldierly solid spirited sponsor square squat squatty standby staunch steadfast steely stocky stout stouthearted strapping strong strong as brandy strong as strong strong man strong-arm man strong-willed sturdy support supporter sustainer swollen sympathizer tenacious the brave the mighty the strong thick-bodied thickset tiger tireless top-heavy tough tough guy tower of strength trouper tubby unafraid unbending uncompromising undaunted unfaltering unflagging unflinching unswerving untiring unwavering unyielding upholder valiant valiant knight valorous vigorous vital votary ward heeler well-fed well-wisher


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