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(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Spread.

aberrance aberrancy abet abnormality abnormity alienation amorphism anomalism anomalousness anomaly bend bias brain damage brainsickness branching off centrifugence circuitousness clouded mind conceit corner crackpotism crank crankiness crankism craziness crook crosswiseness crotchet crotchetiness curiosity curve daftness decentralization declination defectiveness deflection deflexure delusion dementedness dementia departure deployment derangement detour deviance deviancy deviation deviousness diagonality difference differentness digression discursion disorientation distortion distraction divagation divarication divergence divergency diversion division dogleg dottiness double drift drifting eccentricity errancy errantry erraticism erraticness erroneousness error excursion excursus exorbitation fallaciousness fallacy falseness falsity fanning fanning out fault faultiness flaw flawedness folie foment freakiness freakishness furor hairpin hamartia heresy heterodoxy heteromorphism idiocrasy idiosyncrasy illusion indirection indirectness inferiority insaneness insanity instigate irrationality irregularity kink loss of mind loss of reason lunacy madness maggot mania mannerism mental deficiency mental derangement mental disease mental disorder mental disturbance mental illness mental instability mental sickness mind overthrown mindsickness misapplication misconstruction misdoing misfeasance misinterpretation misjudgment mistake monstrosity nonconformity obliqueness obliquity oddity oddness peccancy peculiarity pererration perversion pixilation possession prodigy provoke psychopathy queerness quip quirk quirkiness rabidness raise rambling rarity reasonlessness self-contradiction senselessness separation set set on shattered mind sheer shift shifting shifting course shifting path sick mind sickness sin sinfulness singularity skew skewness slant slip splaying spread spreading spreading out squint stir up strangeness straying subnormality superiority sweep swerve swerving swinging tack teratism transverseness trick turn turning twist unbalance unbalanced mind unconventionality unnaturalism unnaturalness unorthodoxy unsaneness unsound mind unsoundness unsoundness of mind untrueness untruth untruthfulness vagary variation veer wandering warp whim whimsicality whimsy witlessness wrong wrongness yaw zigzag


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