1. (imp.) of Speak.

2. (p. p.) of Speak.

3. (v.) imp. of Speak.

4. (n.) The radius or ray of a wheel; one of the small bars which are inserted in the hub, or nave, and which serve to support the rim or felly.

5. (n.) A projecting handle of a steering wheel.

6. (n.) A rung, or round, of a ladder.

7. (n.) A contrivance for fastening the wheel of a vehicle, to prevent it from turning in going down a hill.

8. (v. t.) To furnish with spokes, as a wheel.

approach arrest asymptote bearing rein bit bottleneck brake chain check checkrein chock clog collision course concentralization concentration concourse concurrence confluence conflux congress convergence converging countercheck crossing curb curb bit damper diffusion dispersion doorstep doorstop drag drag sail drift anchor drift sail drogue emanation fetter focalization focus footrest footstep funnel holdback hub martingale meeting mutual approach narrowing gap pelham radiance radiation radius ray remora rest riser round rundle rung scale scattering scotch sea anchor shackle snaffle spokes stair stave stay step step stool stepping-stone stop string tangent trammel tread


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