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(imp. & p. p.) of Splinter.

aggravated aloof ausgespielt bankrupt beaten blasted blighted broke broken off broken-down brought low bumpy burned burst busted capricious careening catchy chastened checked chipped chopped-off choppy coarse coarse-grained conditioned conquered corrugated cracked crazed cross-grained crushed cut damaged debilitated decousu defeated defied dejected demoralized desolated destitute destroyed desultory detached deteriorated devastated deviative disciplined disconnected discontinued discontinuous discouraged discrete disintegrated disjointed disjunctive disobeyed dispirited disregarded disturbed docile domesticated done for done in dovelike down-and-out eccentric embittered enfeebled episodic erratic exacerbated failed fallen felled finished fitful flattened flickering fluctuating fractured fragmentary fragmented gapped gentle gone to pot grainy granulated guttering halting harmed haywire herky-jerky heteroclite homespun horripilant housebroke housebroken humble humbled humiliated hurt ignored immethodical impaired imperfect in bits in disrepair in pieces in receivership in ruins in shards incoherent inconsistent inconstant inequal infringed injured inoperative insolvent intermittent intermitting interrupted irregular irremediable irritated jagged jerky jolty kaput lacerated lamblike licked linsey-woolsey lurching made to grovel mangled mastered meek mild mutilated nonadherent nonadhesive noncoherent noncohesive noncontinuous nonlinear nonsequential nonserial nonuniform obedient on the blink on the fritz on the rocks open out of commission out of condition out of gear out of joint out of kelter out of kilter out of order out of repair out of tune out of whack overthrown pacific parenthetic patchy peaceable pimply pitted pocky potholed pulverized put down quelled quiet rambling rank ravaged reduced rent ripply rough rough-cast rough-grained rough-hewn ruffled ruined ruinous ruptured rutted rutty scalded scorched scrappy shagged shaggy shattered shivered slashed slit smashed snatchy spasmatic spasmic spasmodic spastic splintered split spoiled sporadic spotty sprung staggering subdued subjugated suppressed suspended tame tamed tenuous textured the worse for torn trained transgressed unadhesive uncertain uncoherent uncohesive unconnected undone unequal uneven unjoined unkempt unlevel unmethodical unmetrical unpolished unrefined unregular unrhythmical unsettled unsmooth unsteady unsuccessive unsystematic untenacious ununiform vanquished


Splinter Party
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