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1. (a.) Possessing or displaying splendor; shining; very bright; as, a splendid sun.

2. (a.) Showy; magnificent; sumptuous; pompous; as, a splendid palace; a splendid procession or pageant.

3. (a.) Illustrious; heroic; brilliant; celebrated; famous; as, a splendid victory or reputation.

Babylonian Corinthian admirable advantageous auspicious awe-inspiring awesome awful barbaric baroque beaming bedazzling beneficial benevolent blinding blooming bon bonny boss braw bright bright and shining brilliant bueno capital celebrated charismatic cogent colossal commendable conspicuous cool creditable dandy dashing dazzling deluxe devastating distinguished divine effulgent elaborate elegant eminent estimable excellent exceptional exemplary expedient exquisite extraordinary extravagant fab fabulous fair famous fancy fantastic favorable fine first-class flamboyant flaming fulgent fulgid garish gilt-edged glamorous glaring glary glorious glowing golden good goodly gorgeous grand grandiose great healthy heavenly helpful illustrious immense imposing impressive incomparable incredible keen killing kind laudable lavish lovely lush lustrous luxurious magic magnificent majestic major marvelous matchless meritorious neat nice noble nonpareil notable noteworthy numinous ornate out of sight outstanding palatial peerless pleasant plush posh praiseworthy princely profitable prominent proud radiant raving ravishing refulgent regal remarkable resplendent rich ritzy royal sensational shining showy skillful smashing solid sound sparkling spectacular splendacious splendent splendiferous splendorous splendrous stately sterling striking stunning stupendous sublime successful sumptuous super superb supereminent superexcellent superfancy superfine superior superlative supreme surpassing swank swanky swell terrific transcendent tremendous unbelievable unparalleled unsurpassed useful valid very good virtuous vivid wonderful


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