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1. (n.) A biological grouping of similar organisms able to breed among themselves\; a conception subordinated to another conception, called a genus, or generic conception, from which it differs in containing or comprehending more attributes, and extending to fewer individuals. Thus, man is a species, under animal as a genus; and man, in its turn, may be regarded as a genus with respect to European, American, or the like, as species.

2. (n.) Visible or sensible presentation; appearance; a sensible percept received by the imagination; an image.

3. (n.) In science, a more or less permanent group of existing things or beings, associated according to attributes, or properties determined by scientific observation.

4. (n.) A sort; a kind; a variety; as, a species of low cunning; a species of generosity; a species of cloth.

5. (n.) Coin, or coined silver, gold, or other metal, used as a circulating medium; specie.

6. (n.) A public spectacle or exhibition.

7. (n.) A component part of compound medicine; a simple.

8. (n.) An officinal mixture or compound powder of any kind; esp., one used for making an aromatic tea or tisane; a tea mixture.

9. (n.) The form or shape given to materials; fashion or shape; form; figure.

animal kingdom antonomasia binomial nomenclature biosystematics biosystematy biotype blood branch brand breed brood cast character clan class classification color deme denomination description designation family feather folk form genotype genre gens genus glossology grain house ilk kidney kin kind kingdom label line lineage lot make manner mark matriclan mold nation nature nomenclature number onomastics onomatology order orismology patriclan people persuasion phratry phyle phylum place-names place-naming plant kingdom polyonymy race section sept series shape sort stamp stem stirps stock strain stripe style subclass subfamily subgenus subkingdom suborder subspecies subtribe superclass superfamily superorder superspecies systematics taxonomy terminology the like of the likes of toponymy totem tribe trinomialism type variety


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