1. (n.) A hart or stag three years old.

2. (n.) A castrated man or beast.

3. (n.) An implement for digging or cutting the ground, consisting usually of an oblong and nearly rectangular blade of iron, with a handle like that of a shovel.

4. (n.) One of that suit of cards each of which bears one or more figures resembling a spade.

5. (n.) A cutting instrument used in flensing a whale.

6. (v. t.) To dig with a spade; to pare off the sward of, as land, with a spade.

American Indian Amerind Australian aborigine Bushman Caucasian Indian Malayan Mister Charley Mongolian Oriental Red Indian WASP ace backset bail best bower black black man blackfellow bore bower boy brown man bucket burrhead burrow cards clubs colored person coon cultivate culture cup cut darky decant deck delve deuce diamonds dig dig out dike dip dish dish out dish up dredge dress drill drive dummy excavate face cards fallow fertilize flush force fork full house furrow gook gouge gouge out groove grub hand harrow hearts hoe honky jack jigaboo joker jungle bunny king knave ladle left bower list lower mine mulch ofay pack pair paleface picture cards playing cards plow pour prune pygmy quarry queen rake red man redskin round royal flush rubber ruff sap scoop scoop out scrabble scrape scratch shovel singleton sink slant-eye spades spoon straight the Man thin thin out till till the soil trench trey trick trough trump tunnel weed weed out white white man whitey work yellow man


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