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(n.) The quality or state of being sovereign, or of being a sovereign; the exercise of, or right to exercise, supreme power; dominion; sway; supremacy; independence; also, that which is sovereign; a sovereign state; as, Italy was formerly divided into many sovereignties.

acme administration ascendance ascendancy ascendant authority authorization balance of power be-all and end-all blue ribbon caliphate captainship chairmanship championship civil government claws clutches command control convenership custody czardom dictatorship direction directorate directorship discipline dispensation disposition dominance dominancy domination dominion dominium effectiveness eminent domain emperorship empery empire eternity first place first prize foremanship form of government generalship glory governance government governorship grip guardianship hand hands headship hegemony height highest holiness immutability imperialism imperium independence infinite goodness infinite justice infinite love infinite mercy infinite power infinite wisdom infinity influence intendancy internationalism internationality iron hand jurisdiction kaiserdom kaisership kinghood kingship land tenure landholding landownership landowning leadership light lordship majesty management managership masterdom mastership mastery maximum most nationalism nationality nationhood ne plus ultra new high omnipotence omnipotency omnipresence omniscience omnisciency overlordship overseership oversight ownership palms paramountcy peoplehood political organization polity possessorship power predominance predominancy predomination preeminence preponderance prepotence prepotency presidency primacy principality proctorship proprietary proprietorship queenhood queenship raj rajaship record regime regimen regnancy regulation reign royalty rule say seigniory self-determination self-government sovereign nationhood statehood stewardship sultanate sultanship superintendence superintendency superiority supervision supervisorship supremacy suzerainship suzerainty sway system of government talons the crown the throne top spot ubiquity unity upper hand whip hand zenith


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