1. (a.) Sole.

2. (a.) Sole.

3. (v. i.) To afford suitable sustenance.

4. (n.) The spiritual, rational, and immortal part in man; that part of man which enables him to think, and which renders him a subject of moral government; -- sometimes, in distinction from the higher nature, or spirit, of man, the so-called animal soul, that is, the seat of life, the sensitive affections and fantasy, exclusive of the voluntary and rational powers; -- sometimes, in distinction from the mind, the moral and emotional part of man's nature, the seat of feeling, in distinction from intellect; -- sometimes, the intellect only; the understanding; the seat of knowledge, as distinguished from feeling. In a more general sense, an animating, separable, surviving entity, the vehicle of individual personal existence.

5. (n.) The seat of real life or vitality; the source of action; the animating or essential part.

6. (n.) The leader; the inspirer; the moving spirit; the heart; as, the soul of an enterprise; an able general is the soul of his army.

7. (n.) Energy; courage; spirit; fervor; affection, or any other noble manifestation of the heart or moral nature; inherent power or goodness.

8. (n.) A human being; a person; -- a familiar appellation, usually with a qualifying epithet; as, poor soul.

9. (n.) A pure or disembodied spirit.

10. (v. t.) To indue with a soul; to furnish with a soul or mind.

Adamite Geist Muse afflatus an existence anima anima humana animating force animus ardency ardor article astral body atman axiom ba bathmism beating heart being biological clock biorhythm blood body bones bosom breast breath breath of life buddhi cat center center of life chap character conscience core creative thought creativity creature critter customer daemon daimonion deepest recesses demon differentiation differentness distillate distillation distinctiveness divine afflatus divine breath divine spark duck dynamism earthling ecstasy ego egohood elan vital elixir embodiment emotion energy entelechy entity esoteric reality esprit essence essence of life essential excitement fabric feeling fellow fervency fervidness fervor fire fire of genius flower focus force force of life fundamental furor fury genius gist gravamen gross body groundling growth force gusto guts guy hand head heart heart of hearts heartbeat heartblood heartiness heartstrings heat homo human human being human factor hypostasis identity impassionedness impulse of life incarnation individual individualism individuality inmost heart inmost soul inner inner essence inner landscape inner life inner man inner nature inner recess inner self innermost being inside inspiration inspiriting force integer integrity intellect interior interior man intern internal intrados inward item jiva jivatma joker kama kernel khu life life breath life cycle life essence life force life principle life process lifeblood linga sharira liveliness living force living soul man manas manes marrow material matter meat medium mind module monad mortal nephesh nerve center nominalism nonconformity nose noumenon nub nucleus nuts and bolts object one oneness organism particularism particularity party passion passionateness penetralia person persona personage personal equation personal identity personality personification personship physical body pith pneuma point postulate prana principle principle of desire psyche purusha quick quid quiddity quintessence reason recesses relish ruach sap savor seat of life secret heart secret place secret places self-identity selfhood selfness sentiment shade shadow sincerity single singleton singularity somebody someone something spark of life spirit spiritual being spiritus sthula sharira stuff substance sum and substance talent tellurian terran the nitty-gritty the self thing true being true inwardness typification uniqueness unit


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