1. (a.) Consisting of a greater or less portion or sum; composed of a quantity or number which is not stated; -- used to express an indefinite quantity or number; as, some wine; some water; some persons. Used also pronominally; as, I have some.

2. (n.) A certain; one; -- indicating a person, thing, event, etc., as not known individually, or designated more specifically; as, some man, that is, some one man.

3. (a.) Not much; a little; moderate; as, the censure was to some extent just.

4. (a.) About; near; more or less; -- used commonly with numerals, but formerly also with a singular substantive of time or distance; as, a village of some eighty houses; some two or three persons; some hour hence.

5. (a.) Considerable in number or quality.

6. (a.) Certain; those of one part or portion; -- in distinct from other or others; as, some men believe one thing, and others another.

7. (n.) A part; a portion; -- used pronominally, and followed sometimes by of; as, some of our provisions.

8. (n.) A combining form or suffix from Gr. sw`ma (gen. sw`matos) the body; as in merosome, a body segment; cephalosome, etc.

9. (n.) An adjective suffix having primarily the sense of like or same, and indicating a considerable degree of the thing or quality denoted in the first part of the compound; as in mettlesome, full of mettle or spirit; gladsome, full of gladness; winsome, blithesome, etc.

Daedalian a about adept adroit all but almost an any anything approximately apt artistic as good as aught authoritative bravura brilliant certain circa clean clever composite coordinated crack crackerjack cunning cute daedal deft dexterous dextrous diplomatic divers excellent expert fairly fancy good goodish graceful handy ingenious just about kind of magisterial masterful masterly measured moderately more more or less more than one most nearly neat no mean not singular numerous one plural pluralistic plurative plus ou moins politic practically professional proficient quantified quantitative quantitive quantized quick quite some ready resourceful skillful slick something somewhat statesmanlike stylish sundry tactful the compleat the complete various virtuoso well-done well-nigh workmanlike


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