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1. (a.) Having the power of dissolving; having sufficient funds to dissolve all debts\; dissolving; as, a solvent fluid.

2. (a.) Able or sufficient to pay all just debts; as, a solvent merchant; the estate is solvent.

3. (n.) A substance (usually liquid) suitable for, or employed in, solution, or in dissolving something; as, water is the appropriate solvent of most salts, alcohol of resins, ether of fats, and mercury or acids of metals, etc.

4. (n.) That which resolves; as, a solvent of mystery.

ablative able to pay above water abstergent acetone alcohol all clear all straight anticoagulant aqua regia benzine biodegradable carbolic acid carbon tet carbon tetrachloride cathartic chloroform cleaner cleaning agent cleaning solvent cleanser cleansing cream clear cold cream corrosive cream cutting decomposable decomposing degradable dentifrice depurant detergent dilapidated diluent dilutant disintegrable disintegrated disintegrating disintegrative disjunctive disruptive dissolvent dissolving agent diuretic emetic enema erosive ether flux free and clear gasoline good good for holystone liquefacient liquefier lotion moldering mouthwash nauseant out of debt phenol profitable pumice stone purgative purge purifier ravaged reliable resolutive resolvent rinse ruinous separative shampoo soap solid sound substantial synthetic detergent thinner thinning tooth powder toothpaste turpentine unindebted unowing wash water worn


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