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(n.) Condition of being solitary.

abalienation aberration abnormality abstraction abulia agreement to disagree aloneness aloofness amortization amortizement anxiety anxiety equivalent anxiety state apathy apostasy assignation assignment autism autistic thinking avoidance mechanism bargain and sale barter bequeathal blame-shifting brain damage brainsickness brainwashing breach breach of friendship break catatonic stupor celibacy cession cleavage cleft clouded mind compensation compulsion conferment conferral consignation consignment conveyance conveyancing corruption counter-culture counterindoctrination craziness daftness decompensation deeding defense mechanism dejection deliverance delivery dementedness dementia demise depression derangement dereism dereistic thinking detachment difference disaccord disaffection disagreement disapprobation disapproval disarticulation disassociation disconnectedness disconnection discontinuity disengagement disfavor disjointing disjunction dislocation disorientation disparity displacement disposal disposition disruption dissatisfaction dissension dissent dissentience dissidence dissociation distraction disunion disunity divergence diversity dividedness division divorce divorcement dropping out elation emotional insulation emotionalism enfeoffment escape escape into fantasy escape mechanism escapism estrangement euphoria exchange falling-out fantasizing fantasy flight folie folie du doute furor giving hypochondria hysteria hysterics incoherence indifference indoctrination insaneness insanity insensibility irrationality isolation keeping apart lease and release lethargy loneliness loneness lonesomeness loss of mind loss of reason lunacy luxation madness mania melancholia mental deficiency mental derangement mental disease mental disorder mental distress mental disturbance mental illness mental instability mental sickness mind overthrown mindsickness minority opinion moving apart negativism nonagreement nonassent nonconcurrence nonconformity nonconsent obsession oddness open rupture opposition overcompensation parting partition pathological indecisiveness pixilation possession preoccupation privacy projection psychalgia psychomotor disturbance psychopathy psychotaxis queerness rabidness rationalization reasonlessness recall of ambassadors recusance recusancy reindoctrination rejection removal repudiation resistance rift ruffled feelings rupture sale schism secession seclusion segmentation senselessness separateness separation separatism sequestration settlement settling shattered mind sick mind sickness single blessedness sociological adjustive reactions solitariness solitude splendid isolation split strained relations strangeness stupor subdivision sublimation substitution subtraction subversion surrender tic trading transfer transference transmission transmittal twitching unbalance unbalanced mind underground unresponsiveness unsaneness unsound mind unsoundness unsoundness of mind variance vesting wish-fulfillment fantasy wishful thinking withdrawal witlessness zoning


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