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1. (n.) A person who lives in solitude; a recluse; a hermit.

2. (n.) A single diamond in a setting; also, sometimes, a precious stone of any kind set alone.

3. (n.) A game which one person can play alone; -- applied to many games of cards, etc.; also, to a game played on a board with pegs or balls, in which the object is, beginning with all the places filled except one, to remove all but one of the pieces by jumping, as in draughts.

4. (n.) A large extinct bird (Pezophaps solitaria) which formerly inhabited the islands of Mauritius and Rodrigeuz. It was larger and taller than the wild turkey. Its wings were too small for flight. Called also solitary.

5. (n.) Any species of American thrushlike birds of the genus Myadestes. They are noted their sweet songs and retiring habits. Called also fly-catching thrush. A West Indian species (Myadestes sibilans) is called the invisible bird.

Albigensian Catharist Diogenes Franciscan Hieronymian Hieronymite Sabbatarian Timon of Athens Trappist Waldensian abstainer anchoress ascetic bedridden invalid bhikshu cloistered monk closet cynic dervish desert fathers desert saints eremite fakir flagellant hermit hermitess homebody invalid isolationist loner marabout mendicant outcast pariah pillar saint pillarist puritan recluse sannyasi seclusionist shut-in solitaire solitary solitudinarian stay-at-home stylite yogi yogin


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