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Boeotian Dutch auction afterthought agate agnosia apply to aquatint arm arrest auction auction block auction sale autolithograph ax balk ball bar barricade barrier baseball bat bat batch battery battledore bauble beat off bind blank wall blanket blind alley blind gut block out block print block up blockade blockage blocking blocks blot out board lot body bolt bottleneck brake brick bring to bring up short bulk bung bung up bureaucratic delay cake canopy catch caulk cecum censorship check checkerboard checkmate chessboard chink chock choke choke off choke up choking choking off chromolithograph chunk city block cloak clod clog clog up clos close close off close tight close up clothe cloud club clump cluster cockhorse color print concrete concretion confine congest congestion conglomerate conglomeration constipate constipation constrict conversion cope copperplate copperplate print cordon cork costiveness counter cover cover up cowl crayon engraving cricket bat croft cross crowd cube cue cul-de-sac curtain cut cut off cut short dam dam up dead end deadlock death chair death chamber debar defense mechanism delay delayage delayed reaction delirium delusion delusion of persecution deny design detain detention determent deterrent difficulty dimwit disorientation dog doll doll carriage dolt donkey dope double take drag dragging drawback drive back drop dullard dumb cluck dumbbell dummy dummy share dunce eclipse electric chair eliminate ell embolism embolus enclave engravement engraving erase etching even lot exclude extension fend fend off field fill fill up film flight of ideas forty foul fractional lot freeze full lot gallows gallows-tree gas chamber gewgaw gibbet gimcrack gob golf club gorge gowk graphotype guillotine hallucination hallucinosis halt halter hamper hang-up hazard hemp hempen collar hinder hindrance hitch hobbyhorse hold at bay hold back hold off hold up holding holdings holdup hood hot seat hunk hurdle impasse impede impediment impress impression imprint infarct infarction inhibition interim jack-in-the-box jacks jackstones jackstraws jam jobbernowl joker keep at bay keep back keep off kickshaw kit knickknack knot kraal lackwit lag lagging lamebrain lay on lay out


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