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1. (a.) Friendly; outgoing; agreeable; inclined to seek company\.

2. (n.) A carriage having two double seats facing each other, and a box for the driver.

Bohemian accessible affable agreeable all jaw amiable amicable approachable associational brotherly candid casual chatty chummy civil close clubbable clubbish clubby coalitional communal communicative companionable companionate compatible congenial conversable conversational convivial cordial cosy courteous degage demonstrative easy easygoing effusive expansive extroverted familiar favorable fit for society flip fluent folksy fond of society frank fraternal free free and easy free-speaking free-spoken free-tongued friendlike friendly gabby garrulous gassy genial glib good-natured gossipy gracious gregarious gushy hail-fellow-well-met harmonious haymish homely homey hospitable informal intimate irregular kind long-winded loose loquacious multiloquent multiloquious natural neighborlike neighborly newsy offhand offhanded open organizational outgoing outspoken overtalkative peaceable plain pleasant prolix relaxed self-revealing self-revelatory simpatico simple sisterly smooth social social-minded society sympathique talkative talky unaffected unassuming unceremonious unconstrained unconventional unhampered unhostile unofficial unrepressed unreserved unrestrained unrestricted unreticent unsecretive unshrinking unsilent unsocial unstudied unsuppressed urbane verbose voluble warm well-affected well-disposed well-intentioned well-meaning well-meant windy


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