1. (superl.) Temperate in the use of spirituous liquors; habitually temperate; as, a sober man.

2. (superl.) Not intoxicated or excited by spirituous liquors; as, the sot may at times be sober.

3. (superl.) Not mad or insane; not wild, visionary, or heated with passion; exercising cool, dispassionate reason; self-controlled; self-possessed.

4. (superl.) Not proceeding from, or attended with, passion; calm; as, sober judgment; a man in his sober senses.

5. (superl.) Serious or subdued in demeanor, habit, appearance, or color; solemn; grave; sedate.

6. (v. t.) To make sober.

7. (v. i.) To become sober; -- often with down.

Quaker-colored Spartan abstaining abstentious abstinent acier aristocratic ascetic ashen ashy august austere awe-inspiring balanced bald bare blackish bland calm candid canescent cinereous cinerous cogitative cognitive cold sober collected colorless common commonplace commonsense composed concentrating concentrative conceptive conceptual conceptualized constrained contemplating contemplative continent controlled cool coolheaded courtly creamy dapple dapple-gray dappled dappled-gray dark dark-colored darkish darksome decorous deliberating deliberative delicate demure detoxify dignified dingy direct disciplined dismal dispassionate dove-colored dove-gray down-to-earth drab dreary dry dull dusk dusky dusty earnest eggshell eschewing excogitating fatal fateful flat forbearing forgoing formal formidable frank frowning frugal funereal gentle glaucescent glaucous gloss grand grave gray gray-black gray-brown gray-colored gray-drab gray-green gray-spotted gray-toned gray-white grayed grayish grim grim-faced grim-visaged griseous grizzle grizzled grizzly hard hard-boiled hardheaded heavy homely homespun ideative imperturbable imposing inhibited introspective iridescent iron-gray judicious kingly lead-gray leaden lean level-headed levelheaded light livid logical long-faced lordly low-key magisterial majestic matter-of-fact measured meditating meditative mellow mental mild mild as milk moderate mother-of-pearl mouse-colored mouse-gray mousy museful musing nacreous natural neat neutral nigrescent no-nonsense noble noetic nonviolent opalescent open pacifistic pale pastel patinaed peaceable peaceful pearl pearl-gray pearly pensive philosophical placid plain plain-speaking plain-spoken pondering portentous practical pragmatic prehensive princely proper prosaic prosing prosy prudent pure queenly quiet rational realistic reasonable recover reflecting reflective refraining regal repressed reserved restrained royal ruminant ruminating ruminative rustic sad sane sedate self-controlled self-disciplined self-possessed semigloss sensible serene serious severe silver silver-gray silvered silvery simple simple-speaking slate-colored slaty smoke-gray smoky sober-minded sobersided soft soft-colored soft-hued softened solemn somber sombrous sound spare sparing speculative staid stark stately statuesque steady steel-gray


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