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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Soar.

2. (a. & n.) from Soar.

Brownian movement Olympian advance aerial aeronautics air service airline airy altitudinous anabasis angular motion ascending ascension ascent aspiring astronautics august aviation axial axial motion back back-flowing backflowing backing backward backward motion ballooning blind flying career clamber climb climbing cloud-seeding colossal commercial aviation contact flying course cruising current descending descent distinguished dominating down-trending downward downward motion drift driftage drifting ebbing elevated elevation eminent escalade ethereal exalted famous flight flow flowing fluent flux flying forward motion fountain general aviation gliding glorious godlike going gush gyrational gyratory gyring up haughty heroic high high-pitched high-reaching high-set high-up increase jet jump lauded leap levitation lofty magnanimous magnificent majestic monumental mount mounting noble oblique motion ongoing onrush outtopping overlooking overtopping passage passing pilotage plunging progress progressive prominent radial motion random motion reflowing refluence refluent reflux regression regressive renowned retrogression retrogressive rise rising rocketing up rotary rotational rotatory run running rush rushing sailing sailplaning saltation set shooting up sideward sideward motion sinking skyscraping spiring spout spring spurt steep sternway stream streaming sublime subsiding superb superlative supernal surge takeoff taking off topless toplofty topping towering towery traject trajet trend up-trending upclimb upcoming updraft upgang upgo upgoing upgrade upgrowth uphill upleap uplift uplifted upping upreared uprisal uprise uprising uprush upshoot upslope upsurge upsurgence upsweep upswing upward upward motion vault winging zooming


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