1. (a.) Of or pertaining to a snake or snakes; resembling a snake; serpentine; winding.

2. (a.) Sly; cunning; insinuating; deceitful.

3. (a.) Covered with serpents; having serpents; as, a snaky rod or wand.

Machiavellian Machiavellic aberrant aberrative acute ambagious amphibian anfractuous anguiform anguine arch artful astute batrachian cagey canny circuitous circumlocutory clever colubriform convolutional crafty crawling creeping crocodilian cunning cute deceitful deep deep-laid departing designing desultory deviant deviating deviative deviatory devious digressive diplomatic discursive eellike errant erratic excursive feline flexuose flexuous foxy froggy guileful indirect ingenious insidious inventive involute involuted involutional knowing labyrinthine lizardlike lumbriciform mazy meandering meandrous ophidian out-of-the-way pawky planetary politic rambling ready repent reptant reptile reptilelike reptilian reptiliform reptiloid resourceful rivose rivulose roundabout roving ruffled saurian scheming serpentiform serpentile serpentine serpentlike serpentoid sharp shifting shifty shrewd sinuate sinuose sinuous slick slippery slithering sly smooth snake-shaped snakelike sneaky sophistical stealthy strategic stray subtile subtle supple swerving tactical toadish torsional tortile tortuous trickish tricksy tricky turning twisting twisty undirected vagrant veering vermiform viperiform viperish viperlike viperoid viperous vipery vulpine wandering wary whorled wily winding wormlike wreathlike wreathy zigzag


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