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(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Smash.

OK Smyth sewing abrasion ace-high appulse atomization attrition backing bad bang-up beating bibliopegy binder board binding bonzer book cloth book cover book jacket bookbinding bookcase boss brecciation brunt bulldozing bulling bully bump but good cannon carambole carom case casemaking casing-in censorship clash collating collating mark collision comminution concussion concussive cool corking cover crack-up crackdown crackerjack crash crashing crumbling crump crunch crushing dandy delicious demolishment demolition detrition disassembly disintegration dismantlement ducky dust cover dust jacket encounter extinguishment fab fine and dandy flattening folding footband fragmentation gathering gear gluing-off granulation granulization grating great grinding groovy hammering hard binding headband heavy hot hunky-dory impact impingement jacket jam-up just dandy keen leveling levigation library binding lining lining-up marvy mashing mauling mean mechanical binding meeting neat nifty nobby okay onslaught out of sight peachy peachy-keen percussion percussive perfect binding plastic binding pounding powdering putting down quashing quelling quenching ramming razing repression ripping rounding rum saddle stitching scrumptious sewing shock shredding side sewing sideswipe signature slap-up sledgehammering slipcase slipcover smash smash-up smothering soft binding solid something else spiffing spiffy spiral binding squashing squelching stamping stapling stifling strangling stunning subdual suffocating suppression swell tailband tearing down throttling thrusting tipping tough trimming trituration unmaking whomp wire stitching wizard wrapper wreckage wrecking


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