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(n.) The quality or state of being slow.

Fabian policy Micawberism acedia afterthought amble antipathy apathy aridity asininity averseness aversion backwardness barrenness bind block blockage blockishness bloodlessness boobishness boorishness boredom bovinity bureaucratic delay characterlessness cloddishness colorlessness crassness crudeness cursoriness deadness delay delayage delayed reaction deliberateness deliberation denseness density detention dilatoriness dim-wittedness dimness disagreement disinclination dismalness disobedience disrelish dissent distaste do-nothingness dolce far niente doltishness double take drag dragginess dragging dreariness droop drowsiness dryness dull-wittedness dullardism dullness dumbness duncery dustiness effeteness emptiness enervation ennui ergophobia etiolation faineancy faineantise fatigue flatness flounce foot-dragging fractiousness gait gallop grossness grudging consent grudgingness halt hang-up hastelessness heaviness hebetude hesitation hindrance hitch hobble hoboism hold-off holdup hollowness inactivity inanimation inanity indifference indisposedness indisposition indocility indolence inertia inexcitability inexertion infrequence infrequency insipidity insipidness interim intractableness jadedness jam jejunity jog lack of enthusiasm lack of zeal lackadaisicalness lag laggardness lagging languidness languishment languor languorousness lassitude laxness laziness leadenness leisureliness lenitude lentor lethargy lifelessness limp listlessness lock step logjam lotus-eating loutishness lowness of spirit lumpishness lurch mince mincing steps moratorium mugwump mutinousness ninnyism nolition oafdom oafishness obstinacy obstruction obtuseness occasionalness opacity opposition oscitancy pace paddle paleness pallor paperasserie passivity pause perfunctoriness phlegm piaffer pointlessness pokiness ponderousness prance procrastination rack rareness rarity recalcitrance recalcitrancy red tape red-tapeism red-tapery refractoriness refusal relaxedness reluctance remissness renitence renitency reprieve repugnance resistance respite retardance retardation roll satedness saunter scarceness scarcity scuttle seldomness shamble shiftlessness shuffle sidle simpletonianism single-foot slackness sleepiness slink slither sloth slothfulness slouch slow-up slowdown sluggishness solemnity somnolence sottishness sparsity spiritlessness spring fever stagger stalk stall stay stay of execution step sterility stiffness stodginess stolidity stop stoppage stride stroll strolling gait strut stubbornness stuffiness stupefaction stupidity stupor sulk sulkiness sulks sullenness superficiality supineness suspension


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