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1. (a.) Having the quality opposite to adhesiveness; allowing or causing anything to slip or move smoothly, rapidly, and easily upon the surface; smooth; glib; as, oily substances render things slippery.

2. (a.) Not affording firm ground for confidence; as, a slippery promise.

3. (a.) Not easily held; liable or apt to slip away.

4. (a.) Liable to slip; not standing firm.

5. (a.) Unstable; changeable; mutable; uncertain; inconstant; fickle.

6. (a.) Uncertain in effect.

7. (a.) Wanton; unchaste; loose in morals.

Machiavellian Machiavellic acute adipose ambidextrous amoral arch artful astute blubbery buttery butyraceous cagey calculating canny changeable chiseling chrismal chrismatory clever collusive conscienceless corrupt corrupted covinous crafty criminal critical crooked cunning cute dangerous dark deceitful deep deep-laid delicate designing desultory devious diplomatic dishonest dishonorable disloyal double double-dealing doubtful dubious elusive elusory evasive faithless FALSE falsehearted fat fatty feline felonious finagling fishy foxy fraudulent furtive glassy greased greasy guileful hazardous icy ill-got ill-gotten immoral inconstant indirect infirm ingenious insecure insidious insubstantial inventive knowing lardaceous lardy lubric lubricated lubricious malingering mucoid not kosher oiled oily oleaginous oleic on slippery ground on thin ice pawky perfidious perilous politic precarious provisional questionable ready reptilian resourceful rich risky rotten scheming sebaceous serpentine shady shaky shameless sharp shifting shifty shirking shrewd sinister sleek slick sliddery slimy slipper slippy slithery sly smooth snaky sneaky soaped soapy sophistical stealthy strategic subtile subtle suety supple surreptitious suspicious tactical tallowy temporary tentative ticklish touch-and-go touchy treacherous trickish tricksy tricky two-faced uncertain unconscienced unconscientious unconscionable unctuous undependable underhand underhanded unethical unfaithworthy unguent unguentary unguentous unprincipled unreliable unsavory unscrupulous unsolid unsound unstable unsteadfast unsteady unstraightforward unsubstantial unsure untrustworthy variable vulpine wary wily without remorse without shame


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