1. (n.) See Schlich.

2. (a.) Sleek; smooth.

3. (v. t.) To make sleek or smooth.

4. (n.) A wide paring chisel.

Byzantine Ciceronian Daedalian Demosthenian Demosthenic Machiavellian Machiavellic Tullian acute adept adipose adroit anal anoint apt arch artful artfully articulate artistic astute astutely authoritative beeswax blubbery bravura brilliant buff buffed burnish burnished buttery butyraceous cagey cagily calculating cannily canny chrismal chrismatory clean clever cleverly coordinated crack crackerjack crafty creative cunning cunningly cute daedal daub deceitful deck out deep deep-laid deft designing devious dexterous dextrous dinky diplomatic doll up dress dress up eloquent embrocate excellent expert facund fancy fat fatty felicitous feline finish finished fix up foxily foxy furbish furbished glace glance glassy glaze glazed gleaming glib glide glissade gloss glossy glycerolate good goodish graceful grease grease the wheels greased greasy guileful guilefully gussy up handy hep imaginative ingenious insidious insidiously inventive knowing knowingly lacquered lard lardaceous lardy lubric lubricate lubricated lubricious luster magisterial masterful masterly meretricious mucoid neat nimble-witted no mean oil oiled oily oleaginous oleic on the sly pawky perfect plausible polish polished politic pomade professional proficient quick quick-witted quite some ready refine resourceful rich round rub rubbed salve satiny scheming scour sebaceous serpentine shallow sharp sharp-witted shellacked shiftily shifty shine shining shiny shipshape shrewd shrewdly silken silky silver silver-tongued skillful sleek slick down slick on sliddery slip slipper slippery slippy slither slithery sly slyly smarmy smart smarten up smear smooth smooth the way smooth-spoken smooth-tongued smoothly smug snaky sneaky snug soap the ways soaped soapy some sophistical specious spellbinding spiff spruce spruce up statesmanlike stealthy strategic stylish suave subtile subtilely subtle subtlely suety superficial supple sycophantic tactful tactical tallowy the compleat the complete tidy tight trickily trickish tricksy tricky trig trim unctuous unguent unguentary unguentous urbane varnish varnished velvety virtuoso vulpine warily wary wax


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