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1. (n.) The act of killing.

2. (n.) The extensive, violent, bloody, or wanton destruction of life; carnage.

3. (n.) The act of killing cattle or other beasts for market.

4. (v. t.) To visit with great destruction of life; to kill; to slay in battle.

5. (v. t.) To butcher; to kill for the market, as beasts.

annihilate annihilation assault attack bane barbarize batter battering blood bloodbath bloodletting bloodshed blue ruin braining breakup brutalize burn butcher butchering butchery carnage carry on commit carnage commit genocide commit mass murder consumption cut off cut short damnation dealing death decimate decimation depopulate depredation desolation despoilment despoliation destroy destruction destruction of life devastation disintegration disorderliness disorganization dispatch dispose of disruption dissolution do away with end euthanasia execution exterminate extermination finish finish off flow of blood forcible seizure get rid of go on gore hammer havoc hecatomb holocaust immolation kill killing lapidation lay waste laying waste loot looting maim make away with mangle martyrdom martyrization massacre maul mercy killing mug murder murder wholesale mutilate nip obstreperousness occision onslaught perdition pillage pillaging poisoning put paid to rage ramp rampage rant rape ravage rave riot rioting ritual killing ritual murder roar ruin ruination sack sacking sacrifice savage shambles shooting slaughtering slay slay en masse slaying sow chaos sowing with salt spoliation stick stoning storm take off taking of life tear tear around terrorize to torture total undoing unruliness vandalism vandalize violate violation waste wipe out wrack wrack and ruin wreck


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