1. (n.) One of three sea nymphs that were part woman and part bird, described by Homer\, said to frequent an island near the coast of Italy, and to sing with such sweetness that they lured mariners to destruction.

2. (n.) An enticing, dangerous woman.

3. (n.) Something which is insidious or deceptive.

4. (n.) A mermaid.

5. (n.) Any long, slender amphibian of the genus Siren or family Sirenidae, destitute of hind legs and pelvis, and having permanent external gills as well as lungs. They inhabit the swamps, lagoons, and ditches of the Southern United States. The more common species (Siren lacertina) is dull lead-gray in color, and becomes two feet long.

6. (n.) An instrument for producing musical tones and for ascertaining the number of sound waves or vibrations per second which produce a note of a given pitch. The sounds are produced by a perforated rotating disk or disks. A form with two disks operated by steam or highly compressed air is used sounding an alarm to vessels in fog.

7. (a.) of or pertaining to a siren; bewitching, like a siren; fascinating; alluring; as, a siren song.

Circe Davy Davy Jones Don Juan Dylan Euryale Gorgon Jezebel Klaxon Lorelei Mayday Medea Medusa Neptune Nereid Nereus Oceanid Oceanus Parthenope Poseidon SOS Siren Stheno Thetis Triton Varuna air-raid alarm alarm alarm bell alarm clock alarm signal alarum alert all clear alluring appealing appetizing attracting attractive beacon beguiling beldam bewitcher bewitching bitch-kitty blandishing blinking light boiler factory boiler room bull-roarer burglar alarm buzzer cajoling captivating catcall catching charismatic charmer charming cherry bomb clack clacker clapper coaxing come-hither coquette coquettish cracker cricket crostarie drawing enchanter enchanting enchantress engaging enravishing enthralling enticer enticing entrancing exciting exotic fascinating femme fatale fetching fiery cross fire alarm fire bell fire flag firecracker five-minute gun flashing light flirt flirtatious fog bell fog signal foghorn fresh-water nymph fury gale warning glamorous grimalkin hag hellcat hellhag hooter horn hue and cry hurricane warning hypnotic interesting intriguing inveigler inviting irresistible kelpie lighthouse limniad magnetic man fish mermaid merman mesmeric mouth-watering naiad nix nixie noisemaker note of alarm occulting light ocean nymph piquant police whistle prepossessing provocative provoquant rattle rattlebox ravishing sea devil sea god sea nymph sea-maid sea-maiden seaman seducer seducing seductive seductress she-devil she-wolf signal signal of distress sirenic small-craft warning snapper sorceress spellbinder spellbinding spellful steam whistle still alarm storm cone storm flag storm warning taking tantalizing teaser teasing tempter tempting temptress termagant tickling ticktack tigress titillating titillative tocsin two-minute gun undine upside-down flag vamp vampire virago vixen wailer warble warning water god water spirit water sprite whistle whizgig whizzer wildcat winning winsome witch witching


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