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(a.) Free from sin.

OK absolutist absolutistic abstract accurate actual adducible admissible admitting no exception admitting no question affirmative affirmatory all right all-embracing all-encompassing all-out all-pervading all-powerful almighty alone apodictic arbitrary aristocratic arrant arrogant ascendant assertative assertional assertive assuring attestative attestive autarchic authentic authoritarian authoritative authorized autocratic autonomous azygous bare based on beyond all praise binding born bossy bound boundless broad-based bureaucratic categorical celibate certain circumstantial civic civil clarified classical clean clear clear and distinct clear as day clothed with authority commanding competent complete comprehensive compulsory conclusive concrete confirmable congenital consequential considerable constitutional consummate controlling convictional convincing correct crass cumulative damning de facto dead right decided decisive declarative declaratory decretory deep-dyed defectless defined definite definitive democratic demonstrable demonstratable despotic detailed determinate determinative dictated dictatorial different distilled distinct distinguished documentary documented dominant domineering downright duly constituted dyed-in-the-wool egregious eminent emphatic empowered entailed entire esoteric especial eternal evidential evidentiary ex officio ex parte exceptional exhaustive explicit express extraordinary eye-witness factual fascist faultless federal federalist federalistic feudal final finished first and last firsthand fixed flagrant flat flat-out flawless for real founded on free full genuine glaring global governing governmental great grinding gross grounded on gubernatorial hard hard-and-fast haste hearsay hegemonic hegemonistic heteronomous high-handed historical honest-to-God ideal illimitable immaculate impair impeccable imperative imperial imperious implicit important imposed impressive inappealable incontestable incontrovertible indefectible indefective independent indicative indisputable individual indubitable ineluctable inevitable infallible infinite influential inner intensive intimate intolerable irrefragable irrefutable irreproachable irresistible irrevocable just just right leading letter-perfect limitless lone lordly magisterial magistral mandated mandatory masterful material matriarchal matriarchic meticulous mighty minute momentous monarchal monarchial monarchic monocratic must naked neat necessary no strings noteworthy nuncupative obligatory odd official okay oligarchal oligarchic omnibus omnipotent omnipresent one and only only only-begotten open oppressive


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