1. (adv.) In a simple manner or state; considered in or by itself; without addition; along; merely; solely; barely.

2. (adv.) Plainly; without art or subtlety.

3. (adv.) Weakly; foolishly.

absolutely aesthetically after a fashion alone altogether appreciably apprehensibly articulately artistically artlessly ascetically at any rate at best at least at most at the least at the most at the outside at worst austerely barely becomingly but casually clearly coherently commonly commonplacely comparatively completely comprehensibly decently decorously definitely detectably distinctly easily effortlessly elegantly en famille entirely exclusively explicitly expressly facilely fairly familiarly fully genteelly genuinely gracefully guilelessly hands down in a manner in a way in good taste in part in plain English in plain terms in plain words in some measure incompletely informally ingenuously innocently integrally intelligibly irreducibly just leastwise lightly like clockwork like nothing limpidly lucidly matter-of-factly merely mildly moderately modestly naturally no sweat not comprehensively not exhaustively obviously offhand offhandedly on easy terms only openheartedly openly ordinarily part partially partly pellucidly perspicuously plainly point-blank pro tanto properly prosaically purely quietly readily really relatively relaxedly sans ceremonie seemly severely simply and solely singly smoothly so far solely somewhat sparely sparsely starkly swimmingly tastefully thus far to a degree to some degree to the point tolerably totally unaffectedly unambiguously unanalyzably unassumingly unceremoniously unconstrainedly understandably undividedly unequivocally unmistakably unobtrusively unofficially unpretentiously unreservedly visibly wholly with taste without ceremony without difficulty


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