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A per se I air force amigo associate atom beaut bedfellow bedmate best bower bit bomber pilot bosom buddy boss bower bowshot brief span buddy bunkie bunkmate butty camarade cards chamberfellow champion chief chum classmate close quarters close range clubs colleague comate combat pilot commander companion company compeer comrade confrere consociate consort copartner corker crack crackerjack crony crumb dab daisy dandy darb dean deck deuce diamonds dilly dole dot dram dream dribble driblet dummy dwarf earreach earshot face cards farthing fellow fellow student fighter pilot first-rater fleck flush flyboy flyspeck fragment fugleman full house genius girl friend gobbet good hand gossip grain granule great groat gunshot hair hair space hairbreadth hairsbreadth hand handful head hearts higher-up honey humdinger inch iota jack joker jot killer-diller king knave knockout laureate leader left bower little little bit little ways lollapaloosa lota lulu magician mahatma man of genius master master hand mastermind mate messmate military pilot minim minimum minutiae mite modicum molecule monad mote naval pilot no other none else nonpareil nothing else nought beside nutshell observer old crony one one and only ounce pack pair pal paragon pard pardner particle partner past master peach pebble picture cards pinch pip pippin pistol shot pittance playfellow playing cards playmate point practiced hand principal prodigy queen roommate round royal flush rubber ruff ruler sage schoolfellow schoolmate scruple senior shipmate short distance short piece short way side partner sidekick singleton skilled hand smidgen smitch spades span speck spitting distance spoonful spot star step straight suicide pilot superior superman superstar sweetheart teammate the greatest the most the nuts thimbleful tiny bit tittle top dog topnotcher trey trick trifling amount trivia trump unit virtuoso whisker whit whiz wizard workfellow yokefellow yokemate


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