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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Show.

2. (n.) Appearance; display; exhibition.

3. (n.) Presentation of facts; statement.

Christophanic Satanophanic angelophanic apocalyptic apparent apparition appearance appearing arising avatar bared beholdable betraying characterization coming coming into being coming-forth demonstrating demonstration demonstrative denomination denotation denudated denuded designation detectable differentiation discernible disclosed disclosing disclosive disclosure display displaying divested emergence enactment epiphanic epiphany evident evidential evincive exhibit exhibition exhibitive exposed exposed to view exposing exposition expositional expository exposure expression expressive eye-opening face fingering forthcoming guise hanging out hint identification in evidence in full view in plain sight in view incarnating incarnation incarnational indication indicative indicativeness indicatory insight issuance laid bare manifest manifestation manifestative materialization materializing meaning naked naming noticeable observable occurrence open open to view opening ostentation out outcropping perceivable perceptible performance picking out pneumatophanic pointing pointing out pointing to presentation presentational presentment production projection promulgatory realization recognizable record representation retrospective revealed revealing revelation revelational revelatory rise rising seeable seeming selection semblance show showing forth signification simulacrum specification stripped suggestion symptomaticness talkative theophanic theophany to be seen unclouded unconcealed uncovered undisguised unfolding unfoldment unhidden unveiled unveiling varnishing day vernissage viewable visible visual witnessable


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