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1. (n.) The joint, or the region of the joint, by which the fore limb is connected with the body or with the shoulder girdle; the projection formed by the bones and muscles about that joint.

2. (n.) The flesh and muscles connected with the shoulder joint; the upper part of the back; that part of the human frame on which it is most easy to carry a heavy burden; -- often used in the plural.

3. (n.) Fig.: That which supports or sustains; support.

4. (n.) That which resembles a human shoulder, as any protuberance or projection from the body of a thing.

5. (n.) The upper joint of the fore leg and adjacent parts of an animal, dressed for market; as, a shoulder of mutton.

6. (n.) The angle of a bastion included between the face and flank.

7. (n.) An abrupt projection which forms an abutment on an object, or limits motion, etc., as the projection around a tenon at the end of a piece of timber, the part of the top of a type which projects beyond the base of the raised character, etc.

8. (v. t.) To push or thrust with the shoulder; to push with violence; to jostle.

9. (v. t.) To take upon the shoulder or shoulders; as, to shoulder a basket; hence, to assume the burden or responsibility of; as, to shoulder blame; to shoulder a debt.

Chateaubriand abutment accept advocate afford support alpenstock ankle arc-boutant arm arm in arm articulation as one ascender assault associate with assume athletic supporter avoid back back up backbone backing bandeau bank bastard type beam beam-end bear bear up bear upon beard bearer belly bevel bilge black letter blade roast blain bleb blister blob bluntly body bolster bolster up boost boss boundary bow bra brace bracer bracket brassiere breakwater breast brisket bubble buck buckle down bulb bulge bull bulla bulldoze bulwark bump bump against bunch bunt buoy up burl butt butt against button buttress buttress pier buttressing cahot candidly cane cap capital carrier carry case cervix chine chuck chuck roast clinch clod closure clump cold cuts cold-shoulder condyle connecting link connecting rod connection consort with convex cooperatively corbel corset counter coupling cradle cram crook crowd crutch cushion cut dead descender dig directly dovetail dowel drive ear edge elbow em embankment embrace en exclude face fat-faced type feet filet mignon flange flank flap flying buttress font force foundation garment frankly fraternize with fulcrum gall girdle give support gliding joint gnarl goad gradin gradino groin groove guy guywire hand in hand handle hanging buttress hill hinge hinged joint hip hob hobnob with hold hold up honestly hump hunch hurtle hustle in partnership interface italic jab jam jetty jock jockstrap jog joggle join joining joint jointly jolt jostle juncture jutty keep afloat keep company with keep up knee knob knot knuckle knuckle down knur knurl ledge lend support letter ligature link lip logotype loin loop lower case lump mainstay maintain maintainer majuscule make an effort make every effort mantel mantelshelf margin mast minuscule miter mix with mole mortise mountain neck nevus nick nub nubbin nubble nudge openly ostracize outright papilloma peg pi pica pier pier buttress pile drive pillow pitch in pivot pivot joint plainly plate plate piece point poke pot roast predella press


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