1. (p. p.) of Shear.

2. (v.) imp. of Shear.

3. (n.) A sewer.

4. (n.) A prop, as a timber, placed as a brace or support against the side of a building or other structure; a prop placed beneath anything, as a beam, to prevent it from sinking or sagging.

5. (v. t.) To support by a shore or shores; to prop; -- usually with up; as, to shore up a building.

6. (n.) The coast or land adjacent to a large body of water, as an ocean, lake, or large river.

7. (v. t.) To set on shore.

afford support aquatic back back up balneal bank beach beam bear bear out bear up berm board bolster bolster up border bordure brace brim brink broadside brow buoy up buttress carry cheek chop coast coastal coastland coastline column cradle crutch cushion deep-sea edge embankment estuarine featheredge finance flange flank foreshore frame fringe fund give support grallatorial hand handedness haunch hem hip hold hold up ironbound coast jowl keep keep afloat keep up labellum labium labrum laterality ledge lend support lido limb limbus lip list littoral mainstay maintain many-sidedness marge margin multilaterality natant natatorial natatory pillow plage planking playa profile prop prop up quarter ragged edge reinforce rim riparial riparian riparious riverbank riverside riviera rockbound coast sands sea margin seabank seabeach seaboard seacliff seacoast seashore seaside selvage shingle shore up shoreline shoreside shoreward shoulder side sideline siding skirt stay strand submerged coast subsidize subvention subventionize support sustain swimming temple tidal tidewater underbrace undergird underlie underpin underpinning underset unilaterality upbear uphold upkeep verge water-dwelling water-growing water-living water-loving waterfront waterside


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