(a.) Full of, or ready with, shifts; fertile in expedients or contrivance.

Machiavellian Machiavellic acute adrift afloat alternating ambidextrous amoral amorphous arch artful astute back-door backstairs bent cagey calculating canny capricious changeable changeful chiseling clandestine clever close closemouthed collusive conniving conscienceless conspiratorial corrupt corrupted covert covinous crafty criminal crooked cunning cute dangerous dark deceitful deceiving deep deep-laid designing desultory deviable devious diplomatic discreet dishonest dishonorable dizzy dodging double double-dealing doubtful dubious duplicitous eccentric elusive elusory equivocating erratic evasive FALSE falsehearted fast and loose feline felonious fickle finagling fishy fitful flickering flighty flitting fluctuating foxy fraudulent freakish furtive giddy guileful hazardous hidlings hole-and-corner hugger-mugger ill-got ill-gotten immoral impetuous impulsive inconsistent inconstant indecisive indirect infirm ingenious insecure insidious insubstantial inventive irregular irresolute irresponsible knavish knowing lying malingering mazy mendacious mercurial moody not kosher pawky perfidious perilous politic precarious privy provisional questionable quiet rambling ready resourceful restless risky roguish rotten roving scatterbrained scheming secret secretive serpentine shady shaky shameless shapeless sharp shifting shirking shrewd shuffling sinister skulking slick slinking slinky slippery sly smooth snaky sneaking sneaky sophistical spasmodic spineless stealthy strategic subtile subtle supple surreptitious suspicious tactical temporary tentative ticklish traitorous treacherous trickish tricksy tricky two-faced unaccountable uncertain uncommunicative unconscienced unconscientious unconscionable uncontrolled undependable under-the-counter under-the-table undercover underground underhand underhanded undisciplined unethical unfaithworthy unfixed unobtrusive unpredictable unprincipled unreliable unrestrained unsavory unscrupulous unsettled unsolid unsound unstable unstable as water unstaid unsteadfast unsteady unstraightforward unsubstantial unsure untrustworthy untruthful vacillating vagrant variable vicissitudinary vicissitudinous volatile vulpine wandering wanton wary wavering wavery wavy wayward whimsical wily wishy-washy without remorse without shame


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