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1. (a.) Next in order after the sixth;; coming after six others.

2. (a.) Constituting or being one of seven equal parts into which anything is divided; as, the seventh part.

3. (n.) One next in order after the sixth; one coming after six others.

4. (n.) The quotient of a unit divided by seven; one of seven equal parts into which anything is divided.

5. (n.) An interval embracing seven diatonic degrees of the scale.

6. (n.) A chord which includes the interval of a seventh whether major, minor, or diminished.

consecutive intervals degree diapason diatessaron diatonic interval diatonic semitone enharmonic diesis enharmonic interval fifth fourth half step halftone heptadic heptagonal heptahedral heptamerous heptangular interval less semitone melodic interval note octave parallel octaves second semitone septempartite septenary septimal septuple sevenfold sixth step third tone unison interval whole step


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