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(imp. & p. p.) of Settle.

SOL acquitted agreed all bets off all off all over all up all up with anchored arranged ascertained assigned assured at an end attested authenticated beat beaten bent bested borne out canceled certain certified chronic circumstantiated colonized compacted complete concluded confirmed confounded constant contracted corroborated covenanted dead decided decisive deep-dyed deep-engraven deep-fixed deep-grounded deep-laid deep-rooted deep-seated deep-set deep-settled defeated defunct deleted demonstrated deployed determinate determined discharged discomfited done done for done in done with down dyed-in-the-wool embedded embosomed embossed empeopled emplaced ended engaged engrafted engraved ensconced entrenched established etched expended expunged extinct fallen fast fastened fini finished firm firmly established fixed flinty floored graven guaranteed hired hors de combat immovable implanted impressed imprinted in the bag incorrigible inculcated indelibly impressed infixed inflexible ingrained ingrown inhabited installed instilled intent inveterate inwrought irreversible kaput lambasted lathered licked liquidated located long-established loyal made sure nailed down occupied old-line on a rock on bedrock on ice on the skids open-and-shut outdone over overborne overcome overmastered overmatched overpowered overridden overthrown overturned overwhelmed paid paid in full panicked peopled perfected placed planted populated populous positioned posted postpaid prepaid promised proved proven put to rout receipted remitted resolute resolved riveted rooted routed ruined salaried scattered sealed seated secure set set at rest settled in habit shot shown signed silenced situate situated skinned skinned alive sot spent spotted stabilized stampeded staple stated stationed staunch steadfast steady steely stipulated substantiated sworn tenanted terminated tested thorough through through with tried trimmed trounced TRUE unbending undeflectable undertaken undone unflappable unshaken unswerving unyielding upset validated verified vested waged warranted washed up well-established well-founded well-grounded well-set well-settled whelmed whipped wiped out worsted wound up zapped


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