1. (n.) A seat of any kind.

2. (n.) A bench; especially, a bench with a high back.

3. (n.) A place made lower than the rest; a wide step or platform lower than some other part.

4. (n.) To place in a fixed or permanent condition; to make firm, steady, or stable; to establish; to fix; esp., to establish in life; to fix in business, in a home, or the like.

5. (n.) To establish in the pastoral office; to ordain or install as pastor or rector of a church, society, or parish; as, to settle a minister.

6. (n.) To cause to be no longer in a disturbed condition; to render quiet; to still; to calm; to compose.

7. (n.) To clear of dregs and impurities by causing them to sink; to render pure or clear; -- said of a liquid; as, to settle coffee, or the grounds of coffee.

8. (n.) To restore or bring to a smooth, dry, or passable condition; -- said of the ground, of roads, and the like; as, clear weather settles the roads.

9. (n.) To cause to sink; to lower; to depress; hence, also, to render close or compact; as, to settle the contents of a barrel or bag by shaking it.

10. (n.) To determine, as something which is exposed to doubt or question; to free from uncertainty or wavering; to make sure, firm, or constant; to establish; to compose; to quiet; as, to settle the mind when agitated; to settle questions of law; to settle the succession to a throne; to settle an allowance.

11. (n.) To adjust, as something in discussion; to make up; to compose; to pacify; as, to settle a quarrel.

12. (n.) To adjust, as accounts; to liquidate; to balance; as, to settle an account.

13. (n.) Hence, to pay; as, to settle a bill.

14. (n.) To plant with inhabitants; to colonize; to people; as, the French first settled Canada; the Puritans settled New England; Plymouth was settled in 1620.

15. (v. i.) To become fixed or permanent; to become stationary; to establish one's self or itself; to assume a lasting form, condition, direction, or the like, in place of a temporary or changing state.

16. (v. i.) To fix one's residence; to establish a dwelling place or home; as, the Saxons who settled in Britain.

17. (v. i.) To enter into the married state, or the state of a householder.

18. (v. i.) To be established in an employment or profession; as, to settle in the practice of law.

19. (v. i.) To become firm, dry, and hard, as the ground after the effects of rain or frost have disappeared; as, the roads settled late in the spring.

20. (v. i.) To become clear after being turbid or obscure; to clarify by depositing matter held in suspension; as, the weather settled; wine settles by standing.

21. (v. i.) To sink to the bottom; to fall to the bottom, as dregs of a liquid, or the sediment of a reservoir.

22. (v. i.) To sink gradually to a lower level; to subside, as the foundation of a house, etc.

23. (v. i.) To become calm; to cease from agitation.

24. (v. i.) To adjust differences or accounts; to come to an agreement; as, he has settled with his creditors.

25. (v. i.) To make a jointure for a wife.

KO abalienate abide accommodate accommodate with accord adapt adapt to adjust adjust to affirm afford proof of agree on agree with alien alienate alight alight upon allay amortize anchor answer answer conclusively appoint argue down arrange arrange matters ascertain assign assimilate to assure attend to balance barter be guided by beat beat all hollow beat hollow becalm bed bend bequeath best billet at bivouac blast blot out bring home to bring to terms bring together bump off burrow calm calm down camp cave cave in cede certify chart chime in with choose cinch clarify classify clean up clear clear off clear up climb down clinch close close with codify colonize come down come down on come to anchor comply comply with compose compound compromise concert conclude confer confirm conform confound confute consign contradict controvert convey cook coordinate cop out correct correspond croak crush decide decline deed deed over deep-dye defeat define deliver demise demolish demonstrate denizen deny descend descend upon destroy determine devolve upon discharge discipline dish dismiss dismiss all doubt dismount dispose dispose of dive do for do in domesticate droop drop drop anchor drop on drub duck responsibility dwell embed empeople enfeoff engraft engrave ensconce ensure entrench erase establish establish residence etch evade responsibility exchange fall fall in with fall on figure find find out finish fit fix fix on fix up floor flop flop down flump flump down follow follow from found founder gear to get get at get down get off give give and take give it to give the business give title to give way go by go down go fifty-fifty gravitate ground gun down hand hand down hand on hand over harmonize have a case head heal the breach hide hit hit upon hive hold good hold water honor hors de combat ice impact implant impress imprint incline infix ingrain inhabit inscribe install insure jam keep house knock out lambaste land lapse lather lay lay out lead lean lick lift light light upon liquidate live live at locate lodge lose altitude lower lull make a deal make a decision make accounts square make an adjustment make certain make concessions make conform make good make no doubt make no mistake make out make over make peace make sure


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