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abalienate administer affranchise alien alienate amortize announce articulate assign barter bear bequeath born breathe bring bring forth bring out broach broadcast carry carry over cart cast cede chime chime in chorus circulate cleanse cleanse away come across with come out with commit communicate confer consign convey deal declare deed deed over deliver over demise deport devolve upon diffuse direct disburden discharge disclose disencumber disenthrall dispatch dispense disseminate distribute emancipate emit enfeoff enfranchise enunciate exchange expel export express extract extradite extricate feed find fire fling fling off fork over formulate forward free free from give give birth to give expression give in give out give out with give over give release give respite give title to give tongue give up give utterance give voice hand hand down hand forward hand in hand on hand out hand over hurl impart import inflict intermit launch let out liberate lip make known make over manumit metastasize metathesize negotiate out with pass pass on pass out pass over pass the buck perform perfuse phonate phrase pitch pour forth present proclaim produce promulgate pronounce provide publish purge purge away purvey put forth put in words raise ransom reach read recover redeem relay release relinquish remove render reprieve rescue resign retrieve salvage save say sell send set at large set at liberty set forth set free settle settle on shoot sign away sign over sound spread state strike supply surrender suspend switch tell throw throw off trade transfer transfer property transfuse translate translocate transmit transplace transplant transport transpose turn over utter vent verbalize vocalize voice whisper word yield


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